Making Vodka eBook Making Vodka, a guide for home-distillation
based on the work of Dr. John Stone
and his collaborators

compiled by North46



The eBook "Making Vodka" is a detailed guide that shows you how to make vodka at home for less than $1 per bottle. Based on the work of the late Dr. John Stone, a research chemist, the guide gives detailed instructions on how to safely and inexpensively make your own vodka.

In the first section, the guide gives an overview of the production of alcohol and vodka. It then looks at health and legal issues, discussing where and under what circumstances the making of alcohol and of vodka are legal and safe. Finally, it details how you can reliably produce high-quality vodka from yeast and sugar.

Using Dr. Stone's method and parts you can buy at any hardware store, you can make about ten 40 ounze bottles of vodka in a matter of days. Assembling the equipment does not require any special skills or tools. Some of Dr. Stone's collaborators made hundreds of bottles of vodka for their own use over several years and saved thousands of dollars while drinking vodka that was purer than that in many brand-name bottles.